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GIF as a background on mobile devices


Hi guys,

I've created a short 5-10s GIF that Im looking to have play on repeat on as the background of mobile devices as a loop, however I can't quite figure it out...
Ive uploaded the GIF as an asset in webflow, and set it as the background of my hero section but it display on any mobile I've tested it on.

Would it be easier to use embedded code and have the GIF hosted on my web server and call it using HTML? If so would anyone be able to give me a hand figuring it out as I'm not to savvy on the coding side of things.

Cheers in adv!


Hi @Stormtauren, Could you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link to the site design, the link to the published site, and screenshots of the elements in question really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here:

Thanks in advance! smile


Sorry bout that Dave,
First time posting on here, so ill know for next time.

Read only link:

& its published to



Hi @Stormtauren, thanks, no problem. Could you also give a screenshot of the gifs on the page that are not looping for you?

I see a logo img gif class in the phone background element, but it is a .png, not an animated gif.

Have you already created these gifs to loop prior to uploading to Webflow?



Hi Dave,

Ive been able to set the GIF as the background on the webflow site, and it replicates it on the preview mode (which loops successfully as I've shown in the screenshots)

If I publish it, or export the code however, it doesn't even display



Hi Dave,

Any chance you've managed to review this?


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