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Gigloop website landing page


Hey guys,

Wanted to share a landing page I did for Gigloop, a webapp that will help connect event producer's, artists and booking agencies in one click.

All built in webflow smile

They will be launching soon in Brazil but the aim is to connect to other countries too so feel free to sign in.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. - live site - webflow site


That's looking awesome @Daniel_Sun nice work smile I love your use of the logo with scroll to interactions smile they're a lot of fun. smile It's simple and clean smiley I like it!


Great job with interactions! Cool +1


Loving the interactions! Great work @Daniel_Sun Just my two cents on the design, I'm not a fan of plain bullets for lists pensive Maybe something a little quirky will add a little bit of character. Like a circle with transparent background and 1 or 2px stroke smile You'd have to maybe create a SVG/PNG and include in each List item as a background image but i think it would be well worth it.

Just my two cents on a bit of feedback overall really nice work!



I noticed some of the buttons on the live site did not have the same rollover actions that your webflow site has. A couple at the bottom of the page do have the effect.

Not sure if that was on purpose. I found myself reloading as I was expecting the buttons at the top to react the same as the ones near the bottom.

Either way, i like the site. Nice images, nice use of contrasting sections (white, grey, black)



Nice site. Looking at the code, I noticed your meta tags and such are inside the body tag instead of the head tag. Was that intentional?


GREAT JOB! Very beautiful. smile


Love it! That's awesome, love the interactions!


Thanks for the tips Tim, defo I will be looking for something more attractive for those buttons smile


Hey @Matt_g, thanks for the consideration. As we analyse, move, and redesign the page with A/B testing, on that stage we were uploading the webflow project to the server, that's why it wasn't the same page on both projects. Thanks for having a look on that!

@jdesign, yes that was intentional, I am defering the javascript to load after everything, that's why it's in the body. Was that your question?