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Give us some free cms hosting


Hey guys, I have a little suggestion for the service.

I would like you to include the cms hosting of a website in the premium package. Many of us who pay the most expensive package of the platform is because we actively work with the service, in my case I also help attract customers to the service when I set up their hosting plans with you to make use of the cms.

See this as an investment, we actively work for Webflow so it would be very helpful if by paying our premium plan we could include a cms hosting plan within the same package to use it in our businesses. I am sure that many more of us would be interested in the service if they assure us that there is no extra payment to maintain the site of our business, where we already use webflow with customers.

What better way to show the product than directly with the sites of our businesses?


I agree with sanshiro! Since I started working with Webflow, I don’t
recommend another hosting company to my clients. If I am able to have at
least a free hosting for my agency, I would be super happy! Sent with Mailtrack

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Get in contact with Webflow support about bulk hosting discounts and see what they offer you.

Good luck!

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