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Go to section is behaving strangely


Hi everyone,

This is the situation I have: I have three columns next to each other, explaining three different types of subscriptions. All three columns have a ‘buy now’ button. I also have three forms, under the columns, where people can enter their contactdetails. When the button is pressed, three things should happen:

  • the corresponding form shows
  • if one of the other forms is open, it closes
  • the button has a Go to section, which causes the page to scroll down to the corresponding form.

Unfortunately, something strange happens. The button scrolls to different points. Press it once, and it scrolls about 100 pixels up. Press it again, it scrolls to the right place. Press it yet again, and the page scrolls all the way to the top. I can’t seem to find any logic, it might go 100 pixels up for four consecutive clicks, and then go all the way down.

I think it has to do with the fact that Go to section is the button action, and the opening and closing is an interaction. Maybe it goes to the section first, and then opens and closes forms, which makes that you’re a bit off. But that doesn’t explain everything.

This is the case on three pages, namely the pricing page in all 3 languages. I’m hoping you can help me!

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