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Google Analytics event tracking for buttons in Webflow


I am not able to track the Form Submission of my website even after using onclick event. Do I need to do anything else after the code?


I'm still not able to get any event tracking... Has anyone has luck with Event Tracking in Webflow? (without the Google Tag manager)


Hi, I am trying to use this solution on my website. Please could you advise where in Google Analytics will the data collected from this show? Thanks


I am also having an issue to get this solution to work, would really appreciate if someone could help directly as we will be needing GA on a number of sites, and link tracking is very important and I have tried all of the suggested solutions, yet nothing appears to be working? Thanks


It's almost one year.. We still have to add the onclick tracking event manually right? Theres any other way?


I am still waiting for a solution for this also.

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