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Google Map Integrates with wrong sizes


Good day, @cyberdave.
I have a problem with integrating map into my design.

In my Sketch "Contacts" area should look like this:

I use your example from this feed, but it makes my map much bigger. Out of "Contacts" block even :frowning:

So I'd like to ask you for help.
1. I'd like to know how to make this map 100% heigh like the left part of the row section.
1.2. If 100% heigh of the column is impossible, we should use 632 px.
2. How to solve this sizing problem?
2.1. What makes the map act so strange?

Thanks a lot :smiley:
I'm sure you will show me my small little mistake.


Could you start by trying this?


Thanks a lot. I never watch this interface tutorials ;/


Did it work ?

---------- edit ok sorry it seems it worked :slight_smile:


Yes, it worked. Thanks again :smiley:

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