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Google Maps with Multiple locations and CMS

Feel free to use it!




This, Sir, is amazing. You’re a rockstar !!! :metal:t2:

Do you know though if it’s possible to open the markers when clicking on the lists elements under the map ? Currently it just reloads the maps, which is probably not what you intended to do with it.

Also ave you tried if this solution is compatible with the marker-clustering in Maps ?


Hello @Pasint, thank you. Actually I did this long time ago, It was supposed to work like you said (when click on the car, scroll up to the map and open the modal). But I’m not sure why isn’t working right now. Maybe some JS will do the job…

About marker-clustering - no I didn’t. Sorry for that.


@Renan_M_falo, I’ve sent you a PM. Lemme know what you think.

This is awesome! Could you make a video explaining the steps? When I open the Webflow project, there is no map embed or modal… so I’m not sure how you did this.

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Wow!!! this is really great!!! I’m having a little hard time to implement it since I’m no coder, can you explain it a little bit how this works?

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