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Google Pagespeed Insights Score


I have been trying to improve my Pagespeed Insights score, to no avail.

I compressed all my images, minified javascript and CSS, etc. and I am still getting a poor score. Is anyone else having this issue with their Webflow sites?


Read-Only Link:

Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
Page Load Speed
Render blocking javascript
2017 Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
Google analytics speed improvements
Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript From Your Website
Just with nav bar Google Speed is 67-100
Optimizing images for Google & removing render blocking Java Script

Here is a writeup about PageSpeed from our CTO:

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The post refers to websites hosted by Webflow…

what about self-hosted sites.


The post is actually meant to be pretty generic and covers the cases where you use our hosting (Fastly/Cloudfront) in an effort to explain why it’s actually more beneficial to your site’s SEO and user experience.

When you don’t use our hosting then you don’t get the advantages of our low TTFB, which is what Google actually cares about.

But that doesn’t mean that Google Page Speed should now be taken seriously if you’re not using our hosting. If you want a much better (but not perfect) page speed tool, check out:


Hi Michael_Messina,

If you fix your leverage browser caching and reduce server response time you can improve your Google page speed score.

I agree with brryant, that always Google page speed will not provide correct results. You can try checking with Pigdom tools and GT metrix for correct results.

Hope this helps you!


Maybe pagespeed rank doesn’t effect your Google Ranking directly, but the (perceived) speed of the website surely effects the user friendliness of the website of course. We also need to optimize for the user, not just for Google Rankings :slight_smile:

I do think it’s weird that (like with @Michael_Messina) there is a big diff for my site between tools like Pingdom (97/100), GT Metrics Pagespeed (95%), and Yslow (93%) on one hand but on the other end I “only” get a 51/100 from Google’s pagespeed for mobile and 81/100 for desktop

The “Render blocking javascript” doesn’t seem to be something that can be influenced by me and neither can “Leverage browser caching” or “Enable compression” since these are all server side settings afaik…

Any solutions for this to “fix” these on a hosted webflow site?


@guido it’s been said before on this, but I have a feeling Google’s tool is outdated and has not been touched for a very long time. You can run one of Google’s own sites on there and get a red “poor” response:

I think these numbers should be more or less ignored as Google isn’t even following these rules themselves

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ah, missed that it is outdated, thx!