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Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Update Could Impact Over 40% Of Fortune 500 Websites


Just a quick link to make you happy you chose Webflow and can build beautiful fluid responsive sites:

An even more important part of your pitch and proposals as this makes headlines with Google flipping the switch today.

Any web shops catering to the Google Mobilegeddon update / changes?

I was happy to see all my Webflow sites pass the test, but then I couldn't find a site i've made, with Webflow or not, who doesn't. Started to random test sites, they all passed... (:


Yes, LOL apparently pass/fail testing criteria a bit loose wink

Thanks Goog! Happy dance for nothing. At least mine looks pretty and I got an Awesome! green star. Go me!

404 disruption FTW!


Examples of a couple of types of constructive fails (urls from our NGO project thread):

test page:

habitat has a mobile site, just not a proper redirect.

non responsive site.