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Google SEO-info not matching

hi there
i put some SEO-infos on my page and normally it shows as it shoud when i google my site. but i stumblet upon a strange thing, that when i for instance search for a topic inside my page it shows kind of a weird info. it takes some infos out of my footer (even the two states of my send-button) and displays it in the google search.

here is what it shoud display:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-07 um 13.39.35

and that is what sometimes is shown:

any clue what went wrong?

thank you

Google’s algorithm takes many things in account when rendering SERP’s and many of those things are beyond your control. Wan’t to know more? Head over to Googles Webmaster Central.

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Hey @Dominik_Rinderer I’m working on some SEO improvements on my portfolio now and some tools worth checking are and They’re both free and will give you more insights on what might be going on with the current crawl that Google is doing with your URL.

Hope it helps!

just check your security if you are using wordpess theme and try to secure it this happen often when someone try to attempt hacking or check your breadcrumb.

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