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Got Bored of My Old Layout: Under Construction Home Page


So I was getting a little tired of my site layout, so I went ahead and created a new home page layout "Under Construction" for the mean time. smile

Been playing around with more looping interactions on the background and such. smile As well as a much different design look.

Feedback Welcome:

Thank you,

Waldo smile


Wooah, is it just pure Webflow? No custom code?


@sabanna Pure Webflow smile except for a tiny stroke css around the H1 text haha, I guess I could go find a different font but I really am liking Raleway lately. smiley all else is done 100% in Webflow. smile


Adore gradients smile and this one dynamic and awesome +1


Thank you @sabanna smile I was using the webflow gradients, however switched to a gradient image I made in photoshop as the gradients got kinda wonky on mobile haha. smile


Very cool effect! I'm glad that I got to witness the making of the site. smiley

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