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Gradient Tool............. bug


Seems… Webflow have been fixing the gradient tool ?

I know a few people complained about it… myself included.

It appears to be more functional now… but still playing with it.

• Gradient issue: changing hex color adds new gradient stop

No… they haven’t. In fact… with one exception - it appears to be worse.

The far left marker being off-position appears to have been fixed…
but now it seems to have click 4 or 5 times to turned an existing gradient off or on.

And attempting to modify an existing is ridiculous. I ended with 6 markers when I was simply trying change the gradient.

I currently have a need for a gradient… so I guess I have to play with it more.

Maybe it’s me.


For example… here’s the Gradient TURNED OFF ???

and here’s the gradient… TURNED ON ???

and here’s the gradient… TURNED OFF AGAIN

Problem is… it turned itself off. I didn’t turn it off.

I think I would know… since - it now takes (at least on my system)
4 to 5 clicks to change the visibility of the gradient.

Sometimes it takes multiple clicks

  • and sometimes only 1 click to open the gradient “adjustment window”
  • not sure what that window is called

It seems you cannot modify a gradient unless the gradient is visible ??

And it looks like the mis-aligned left marker has been fixed.

  • it use to hang off to the left several pixels.

This is what it “use to look like” a couple days ago.


And sometimes… attempting to adjust a gradient - leaves you with unwanted markers ??
07 PM

Am I the only one having these issues ?

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