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Gradients. Something Good... Something Not So Good


The Good

For quite some time...
- I've trying to figure out how to remove BREAK POINTS in the Gradient Tool.

Up to this point...
- I've been deleting the entire Gradient - and recreating the Gradient (after writing down the values)
---- What a PITA.

But... today the secret will be revealed. smile

(Side Note: We Need A Tongue Sticking Out Smiley Face)

I'm sure some people here already know this Gradient thing...
- but I'd bet NEWBS don't.

The Not So Good

In the same video (below)... you will see that I have 2 Gradients...

I cannot ADD BREAK POINTS to one of the two Gradients.

It doesn't matter if the Gradient is on top - or on bottom.

The difference between the 2 Gradients is
Gradient 1 / degrees #414141
Gradient 2 / 90 degrees / #(transparent).

If I make the 2nd Gradient Non-Transparent... or change the degrees ---- it doesn't fix the problem.

So it's not the Color of the Gradient (that's causing this)...
- nor the position in the Gradient list...
- nor is it the Degree (position of light source).

Anyone have any ideas ?

See Video: