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Greetings from Nigeria ❤


Hello everyone, am Ogunsola Soliudeen Olatunji from Nigeria. It’s nice to be here, seriously!!!


Hello @WebMaye

Welcome to the family! :webflow_heart:


Thanks for reaching out, I really appreciate


Welcome Ogunsola (@WebMaye)! I am Tom from Australia, great to have you here mate!

Reach out if you ever need a hand as you learn the platform!


Alright no problem. Thanks so much


Glad to have a chat with you buddy. Welcome tothe webflow community.


Thanks for having me, man. Looking forward to spread the word about Webflow here on Nigeria.


Yeah @WebMaye you have come to the right place.


Alright boss. What do you think about being a Design Advocate or Country Director for Webflow? Just saying though


Aim high bro. aim high.


Welcome to the webflow family.


Great idea if you can be. All the best!


Cool, I can. Is there any code of conduct or guidelines and who can I chat with?


Hey buddy. Good day. Enjoy this community.


Here you go :grin: