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Grid: columns extending beyond device in mobile view, can't delete a column in mobile layout

I’m unable to delete a column on my Google Cloud page for the mobile layout (portrait and landscape).

Each of my grid sections are set to Auto, and there appears to be no child elements that overlap columns.

Additionally, my columns aren’t even re-sizing to fit the width of the device I’m designing to. As of now, the section that I’m working with is going off of the page entirely.

I’ve seen other people solve this issue with Auto fit, but I’m unable to implement that either. I’ve also seen people manually reassign their content to additional rows they’ve added, but my columns are spanning more than 100% of the device.

Please help! Thank you!

here is a read only link for my site. I’m referring to the page titled “Google Cloud” in the Work folder. The sections are titled assigned the selector cs_section.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Try to delete your Grid-Areas :wink: