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Group CMS entries by Month for Event Calendar

Is there any way to group CMS entries by month? I know I can show the current month, but how can I do something like:

Jan Feb Mar. Apr

So if you click on the link for each month you only see that months events.

How can I do this?

I wish we could filter on months, and ranges, but that’s not the case for the moment.

To cope with this limitations, I have several fields on some of my CMS collections. Such as an option field with the month, so I can filter on the month (month equals …), also I have option or text fields with range group (group1, group2…).

Hi Vincent. So I get the Month equals part. Bu how do you setup say a text link for November to show only those events?

If the link goes to another page, set the collection list on that page to that month. or you can use a tab element with a different filtered collection list under each tab, with the tab link representing your month or range.

Here is an example of such a tab element that i’m working on, with filtering on option fields for months:

And the filter:

Warning: no more than 20 collection lists per page.

I ended up using Tabs which is great. Only issue with this technique is how do you get the current tab to open on page load to the current month? I assume I need some JS maybe? Any suggestions?

I am getting this:

And I want this:

Haha, each month I manually set the default tab. For the moment. It’s just on 3 sites so… but yeah I could use a JS :smiley:

Check out what I did Vincent. I just added a CURRENT tab to show the next 30 days

Hey! That’s a design solution that is very applicable to my sites!

Thanks, I’m going to use it too :slight_smile:

Yes it solves that issue without a bunch of messy JS.

That’s also even more useful than having the full month by default, potentially displaying past departures.

I use the “From today to…” filters on homepage for the same cruises departures, but I never thought of having them as a default tab. That’s cool.

Now you don’t have to change the default tab every month. Works great. I have not seen any other sites do it this way yet. Such a simple solution with an additional tab.

You can show past and future cruises on that default tab. Great idea. Then other tabs are upcoming entries.