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GTM Form Submission Trigger: Webflow form submission not firing "gtm.formSubmit" event

It’s important to me to track an event every time an user submits a contact form in my Landing Page, using Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

The problem is that the submit button in webflow simply does not fire any event. I think I’ve tried almost everything… It’s possibile to do it without making any changes in webflow.js?

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Hey Guys,

I run into the exact same problem. Are there any solutions?

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I’m also running into this problem. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve?

Update: I got GTM’s built in form submission event listener to work. (see attachment) My form tracking tags in GTM now fire on multiple form submissions for the same session (without refreshing or clearing cache) and also for multiple form submissions from the same page (e.g. you have a capture form and a newsletter form on the same page etc)

Since Webflow forms use ajax for validation make sure you have “check validation” disabled inside GTM form submission trigger settings.