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Guide Lines for Horizontal Relative Placement


I’m having to manually adjust the red rates on this page ( and trying to eye-ball the relative placement is difficult. I found the grid overlays, but that doesn’t help line things up horizontally. Is there a better method to accomplish what I’m trying to do? Or is there a way to get horizontal guidelines (like PhotoShop)?


Hello @chrisgreer33

At this time, there isn't a horizontal guideline feature. But, if you feel it is needed, please make a post in our feedback category:

A work around could be to make a div that has a position:absolute and it floating above all other divs on the page. Once you're done with the "guideline" div, delete it.

hope this helps smile


Not an ideal solution (guideline div), but it's better than nothing. Thanks PixelGeek.


Can you post the read-only link? I'm happy to take a look

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