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Gym/Personal Training Facility Website


Hey all! My new website on webflow is live and featured on Awwwards

It took me about 3 weeks to complete.

I decided I wanted to rebuild the website from scratch after many iterations on our previous build. Plus the fact I have learnt so much over the past year and I wanted to test my skills from start to finish.

I am also the co-owner of the company for which the website represents and I shot all of the images used.

I really wanted to capture the emotional side of training compared to the typical cheese that surrounds the fitness industry.

Anyway, hope you all like :slight_smile:


PS Interactions 2.0 needs to hurry up already!


This site is beautiful!! :heart_eyes:

Love the minimalism and the pictures especially with the white/black filters and the red/black filters!

One thing I would like to note though is that all the social media links in the footer are not linked up properly.

Great job!


Yeah really nice, photography works well. Generally it's looking banging but I thought on the 'Get started' page the 3 sections 'Get x8 Personal.....' 'Unlimited Fitness ...' and 'Tracked Statistics' all look a bit similar. Feels a bit repetitive as there's nothing to break them up. Perhaps change the middle one to a none image background or different colour. Only a small thing really.

How'd you get the 'chat' thing bottom right hand corner? What's it called?

Ps. May want to lighten the type in the footer a tad. Dark grey is pretty hard to read against the black.


I could of sworn I had linked the social icons, my bad, thank you for pointing out :slight_smile: - All fixed


Hi the chat box is called intercom, it's really good when you sign up.

The get started page was my toughest page as it's a landing/sales page for our trial offer. Will have a play around :slight_smile:


@johndvv any reason you decided to go with Intercom instead of Tawk.To or something similar?


It looks better, works really well on a mobile device, plus a lot of big companies use intercom so it has a good reputation. I like the fact the messenger is so close to Facebook messages app. Very clean and professional.


Check it out now, made a few tweaks to the Get Started page. Think i'm going to add videos to the pic placements. Flex box made this super easy. Came into a problem on mobile with the text being above the image on the second feature but the ability to flip the layout is a winner :slight_smile:


Great job, how did you embed the youtube video on the get started page?


Just used a lightbox with a video url from youtube. Only thing I would change is to make the video bigger. Webflow sets the video size which to me is too small.

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