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H1 H2 Headings not centered in Chrome, Firefox and Opera


I'm having a problems centring headings in certain browsers.
I'm using text centred and Left & Right margin set to Auto.

For some reason the headings are only centred in Safari. In Chrome, Firefox and Opera they are all in a little of centre.

Any idea how to fix this?

The url:


Hi @danbanan, thanks for the question smile Could share the site read-only link: ?

This will make it easier to see if there is some issue with the styling.


Sure smile


might be easier if you use a container instead of the centerdiv thing

see video


Thanks Revolution!
Pretty great of you to make the video smiley

I did something simillar ealier on in the project, however I had problems making the text center vertically across all screens.
Any suggestions?


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