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Hack to make Dropbox sidebar closed via link?

I have a PDF that’s larger than 10MB, so I can’t host it on Plus, the PDF viewer on Dropbox isn’t too shabby. HOWEVER, it always defaults to the near-useless sidebar to be open, which is 90% empty and makes the PDF super small to the left.

Anyone know if there is a any kind of way to use the URL to force the code to make it default to closed when the URL is loaded? I see there’s some kind of React message that defines this:

class="react-file-viewer__sidebar react-file-viewer__sidebar--closed"

Anyway to force this to be “true” via some secret message in the URL? Yeah, I don’t know at all what I’m talking about, but just curious. I hate that sidebar.

Even more odd, it seems like the page itself defaults to loading with the sidebar closed, and then when the page is finished loading it tells the sidebar to open. Why o why? I even have comments disabled so there’s practically no reason to have a sidebar open by default.

Any one know some way around this?