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Hacking Image Sizes in the Rich Text Editor


Has anyone found a way to scale images beyond the width of rich text editor? I like the width of the text body I’ve got. But I wish I had more control over which images fit to the width of that container, and which images can expand beyond the width of that container.

I guess I could make custom code to give images negative margin but that feels kind of messy?

Any ideas are much appreciated

Here’s a screen shot.


Hi @WillWill, thanks for the post, it would help to see an example of the post, while it is not possible to adjust the image size like shown in your diagram using the built in image sizing in the Rich Text, there may be other ways to pull off the effect through structure of the page, styling of the rich text block or using some custom css.

Here is how to share the project read only link:

If you can let us know what page the layout is on, that will help.


Oh sure @cyberdave here’s the read only link

Check out the case study template page, specifically The Players' Tribune

I have the content set in CSS Grid. So the ideal solution would be to give figures in the Rich Text Editor class a grid-column: 1 / span 6; But that didn’t work. :upside_down_face:


I’ll be doing this (haven’t tried but can’t see why it shouldn’t work) by making the paragraphs and headings 80% width. That way the images appear to be bigger. So set the width of the RTE to whatever you want the images to be…