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Hair and beauty products website


A site for a client. Not completed yet. Going to get even more interesting once i complete the shop and integrate with shopify. Feeling very good. thanks Webflow.

Guys let me know your thoughts. Open to in progress

hair and beauty products website:


I like the simplicity and the colors. But not mobile compatible yet?


thanks Vlad,

No it does. It works on mine. see below. Unless it is a browser specific issue. Looking into it now.

Thanks though


Yeah the top is fine... Until you get to the bottom in iPhone. :wink:


Nice! Looks slick, I like it. The one thing I'd say (small detail) is the opening transition on the first page with text sliding in from all directions bugs me a little, I think it'd be more elegant if the text all moved in the same direction (all move upwards) or just stuck to moving in 2 directions (top text moves down, other text moves up).

Good job though, looking forward to seeing more!



Neat looking website! I like it a lot :slightly_smiling: Good job!


My suggestion would be in the branding realm. I can't tell where you're at with the branding process but I would suggest drawing out the brand attributes that are unique to your client so that they can distinguish themselves from competitors.