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Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian Webflowers out there. Including me smiley

Are you taking the day off or are you using your holiday to create something awesome in Webflow?



yeah Canada Day !! smile

I'm not in Canada... but I figured neighborly moral support
was a good thing.

On a side note... my 12 year old Doxy's name is "Anakin Skywalker"...
sometimes we call him "Darth".

Yes... I know we are weird.

Timelapse - Making of Canada Day with Webflow

Happy Canada Day Alex!

Here's for you, it's a hundred percent Weblow with no images wink

And the cloneable site:

I made a timelapse video of the building but it takes a while to upload so I'll come edit my post later (:


That's really awesome! You rock Vincent.


Woot Woot from here in British Columbia, Canada! maple_leaf
Spending the first half of the day working on Webflow, then heading for a dip ocean


I'm moving to BC late next week. smile Turn it into a Webflow hub.


Nice @AlexN! I'll be moving to B.C's capital (Victoria) in the end of the summer! And I hear ya! ehem @thesergie I hear a new office location.... (jokes, nudge nudge) laughing


Good to hear. I'll be living in Vancouver. If we can find time maybe plan a meetup.


Nice man, for sure - sounds like a plan.


happy Canada day!!! How you will celebrate it?


I celebrated with a few beers at the cottage. Then hopped on a bus to begin my move.