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Having a mini website inside of a a webflow site


Is it possible to have a website shown inside of a page of my webflow website. For example here:

if you put your mouse inside that box and scroll, you can effectively use the site.

Is this possible??

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes, possible, put a div, then a scroller element inside the div, then simple build a website inside the div.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling:


how do i put a scroller element inside the div?


You should see an element you could drag in to your website from the designer. :wink:


I do not have scroller as an option...


I recommend watching all the Webflow tutorials. From there you will learn all the tools and their functions. :wink:


That is an iframe. You need to use custom code for this, as we do not have an iframe component.


I think you still aren't required to have a iFrame to do this affect [I might be wrong though] . Instead you can use the scroll element to create another site in the div. Simple select this feature:

[NOTE: Sorry about the confusion, it was not in the drag/drop section but in the CSS as shown below]



Do you want the website to actually work? If not, you can do this with website screenshots and overflow:scroll. You can see this in action here
The screenshots are actually fed by a collection as well in that example.


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