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Having trouble creating a custom portfolio



My name is Brittany, so I have been trying to follow the tutorial videos on creating a custom portfolio.
I have been having some trouble in part 2 right off the bat. In the video is says start of by adding a section bloc and a div bloc. Then with the Div bloc add a width of 90 and and a max of 1000. Then to center it and add flex properties and a min of 200. Maybe I’m missing something and can’t see it, I could use the help. Thank you for your time.


Why did Webflow ask Brittany to post the question here instead of underneath the youtube video and then not answer the question? I am having the exact same problem.


yeah I don’t get it as we;;


Generally, design help is significantly easier to communicate on the forum since YouTube has limitations (such as not being able to embed images).

Happy to jump in and lend a hand — can you post a screenshot of the expected layout from the video and what you’re ending up with? That’ll help us diagnose what’s going on. Looking forward to your response so we can get to the bottom of this!