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Header window.__WEFFLOW

also if you use developer tools on desktop you can see the code


I am using out testing tool on safari in mobile and it does not show.

iPad, iOS 11, Safari 11:

iPhone, iOS 12, Safari 12:

iPhone 11, iOS 13, Safari 13:

Ok, so it shows on the pages not related to the menu itself.

Do you use the Webflow e-com feature or have a plan to use it?

Can you also submit this through our Support form?

You can use this link in the body and reference this convo.

I will reach out to your engineers in the meantime.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

I only see it on the contact page and no I have no need for ecomm

submitted and yes now that I look I see it on the other pages as well. The menu pages leave webflow and go to a square store

This would be a bit of work, but I know it would eliminate this issue.

Create a new project. Copy/paste page content from this project to the new one.
Export CMS content from this one, import into new one.
Transfer hosting to new project, Which we in support can do for you.

lmk, how you would like to proceed?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

I will wait. We are hopefully disolving the agreement with the cafe that we are in partnership with which will mean a new site and redirects. At the moment we are figting to keep our domain as it has all the seo ranking our partner wants us not to keep it although they would not be able to use it. soooooooooo its probably not worth the work at the moment unless there is a way for me to save the seo to our new domain

As long as you own the domain name you can redirect the slugs to the new domain name.

That would be the only way really.

In this code you have an incorrect quote: <meta name=“p:domain_verify” content="af76ab16bd9e43e3bd53462493c2b19a/> replace with a real (")

I’ve been informed that once you fix this and republish this will fix the issue.

LMK what happens.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon


This is what it should look like in your dashboard:

This is how it looks now:

You can tell the code looks different just by that silly little “Magic Quote” as they call it.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

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I know. Our partner is wanting to keep the domain which is our debate at the moment.

If you fix those that little code issue, you wont have the code showing on your tablet or mobile in safari anymore.

LMK what happens,

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Thank you. I’ll try it when I can get back to my computer and let you know.

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that worked amazing! I had to copy your (") becuase I have no idea how to do any other quotes than the regular "

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@rsilbereis1 that is just the regular quote. The one next to the “Enter” key.

What is does is place the Single Quote that is with ~ but does this `` twice. Its weird I know. I was in awe when one of our QA people found it so easily. lol

Glad everything is working now.