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Height from 0 to Auto in interactions 2.0 not working

I always keep on switching back to interactions 1.0 for this and would like to know if there is a solution so I can stick to using the new interactions version.

Here is the thing:
I often animate roll outs by setting the content to 0 height and overview hidden.
Then upon click on the trigger the content height animates to auto.
I adjust the easing and the timing and it works great.
In IX2 it does nothing.
Is there a way to do this without having to set a fixed height to animate to?

I had the same issue.

It works differently in IX2 - you need to set the 0 only in the interaction - and not in the style panel. Then it should work.

I agree that the way you are doing it should work too but it doesn’t - it’s a bug in my opinion.

Let me know if that works for you.

Right, thanks. That kinda works but then when you close and open it again the whole animation is gone it just instantly moves to the auto size without any easing. Sure is a bug that makes me go back to IX1, I had hoped it was just me doing something wrong :frowning:

Thanks anyways for the help.

I am getting this same issue. I have an interaction that opens and closes a list. I have used something very similar millions of times before with no issue. Now when I start open and use the interaction to close (first click) and open again (second click ) works fine. However, with a list that starts closed and my first click opens the list nothing happens. It seems as though setting the height to “AUTO” nothing changes. If I set the height to AUTO in the edits the list is now displayed. I am lost as to why this isn’t working.