Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Hello from Denton, TX!

Hi Webflow forum! My name is Parker and I’m excited to engage with everyone. Now, to the discussions!


Hi @parker.
I’m in Oklahoma City, but have fam in Denton. Welcome!

Josh from


Hi @parker. Not there anymore but I lived on Lake Dallas for a while. So I know the area. Miss the bass. Welcome to the Forums.

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Hey Jeff, that’s awesome! I am technically in Hickory Creek, so even closer to where you were.

Hello from Fort Worth, TX!

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@md673 Hey Matt! Not too far at all. Have you participated in any local Webflow meetups?

I haven’t – Didn’t know there were any to be honest. :grimacing:

I’ve seen a couple that have passed, but I’m thinking about starting a group in Denton. Would you be interested in participating?

Yeah, maybe. Depends on the time and day, but I’d be interested.

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