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Help Creating New Menu Tabs


Hi Donald,

This is the last thing I have to do on the site.
I copy and pasted the panes (renamed them accordingly) but could not “select the collection list”
I found where the collection list wrapper filter settings are but when I clicked on the filter I wanted (I renamed the collections from Lunch menu 2, 3, 4 to Dessert, Wine, Beer, respectively and when I did that it said that the menu collection was empty. :frowning:

Can you check my link and see what’s up, please?


Hello @northmoniker

What Are you trying to achieve exactly? Do you want the cards to redirect to a single blog post (show only the latest post for each category) or you want them to redirect to an entire category such as Dessert, Wine, and Beer?


Hi Donald,

It’s not related to the blogs. It’s specific to the menu items. I guess what you said is correct: I want them to redirect to an entire category such as dessert, wine and beer. I want them to work just how it’s working now for Lunch and Appetizers.
Please use my link and click on the 1st 3 categories: lunch, dinner, appetizers. (dinner needs relabeling so that is my fault I believe) but the rest pop up as they should - how the template was designed. I am simply adding more food categories for the menu: appetizers, wine, beer. I want the additional buttons you told me to copy and paste, to do what the first ones are doing correctly: populating the data from the Collections.

here is my site link: