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Help designing the nav bar


HI all,

I would like to have the navigation bar with a drop-down button instead of the inline links, like the screenshots below, do I have to make it with a div? They will be dynamic links.

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only:


You can simply open the nav menu and click the parent Nav Menu layer, then add a button.


hi @garymichael1313 tried to make it but it didn’t work :frowning:


Okay let go check out your read-only site to see. Oh… oh… you want a hamburger as the Main Menu on all devices? And when clicked it opens vertically with links.


yes, I need a hamburger as the main menu for all views, desktop, tablet, and mobile @garymichael1313


Gotcha. To be correct, you do not want the native nav menu? Do you want to create one from scratch?


Correct! Not having inline links, only the hamburger inside a circle

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