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Help needed: Product shipping turned off, but getting "Sorry we can't ship your order to the address provided"


We built a website to help chefs sell recipes to help raise money for the hospitality industry during this time. Once people purchase, we send them a link to their recipes. Because of this:

  1. All products are set to “Shippable: No”
  2. Shipping zones are turned off

But every so often our test users are getting an error message saying “Sorry. We can’t ship your order to the address provided.” I haven’t noticed anything funny about the addresses being inputted. I’ve also looked into tickets with this same message and doesn’t like they apply to this situation.

Can you please provide guidance asap? We’re supposed to get a lot of traffic in a couple days and I’m nervous people are going to have issues checking out!



Hi Kyle,

Could you send this to our email.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Thanks for quick response. Sent! I’d appreciate if you’re able to flag it on your side as high priority because we’re launching soon.


Hi, we’re having the same issue:

  • The account paying is a german Paypal account with an address in Germany.
  • The shipping settings allow for shipping in Germany.

We get the same error.

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