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Help preventing Body being set to 0% opacity on button click


OK thank you. Much appreciated…


Gorgeous design, Deb.
I’m not seeing the issue, but perhaps the issue is resolved. I don’t see a Print section on Home.


Hi @dzgraphicdesign, sorry, sometimes interactions can be tricky if they are set on multiple elements. You might set the body interaction back to “show Body” (the interaction I had you set to none previously)

The issue I think is that on the button click, there is another interaction that fades out the body, set that to none and the issue should be resolved after republish:

Let me know how that works.


Hey thanks for your feedback! Hoping to resolve it asap.


Hi Dave, ok will look inot this and do what you suggest. Well spotted!

So should I apply that to all my buttons?


Hi, yes, I would check that for each similar button link, or for links that exhibit the behavior on the published site.


All good now!! Thank you so much… : )

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