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Help Scout with a Webflow website?


Anyone use Help Scout Beacon with a Webflow hosted website? Was curious if it was possible to get the Secure Mode enabled. I doubt Webflow hosting lets you add any of these coding options to the backend. Externally hosted my only option?
Let me know wats ur idea,…

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Have you read the documentation? What are the requirements? What is it that you think will not work?

Last I checked you just need to embed a customer script. There’s no reason that you can’t embed the JavaScript on a ssl enabled webflow site pointing to an ssl enabled resource.


Hello @RakeshJ!

We use Beacon 2.0 (by Help Scout) on! Their advanced “Secure Mode” won’t be able to be setup with your Webflow site, but you can still use Beacon!

The “Basic Security” mode will work for a Beacon on your Webflow-hosted site. The two drawbacks of this approach are related to previous conversation history and automatic authentication, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s insecure.

The main differences are:

  • Users won’t be able to all of their previous conversations - only the ones from the device they’re on
  • Identity will need to be manually verified by humans (instead of authenticated automatically by your system).

From Help Scout:

Beacon uses the Basic security option out of the box, which limits history to the customer’s browser session and device. With Basic security, Beacon will create a device ID the first time a customer visits the website, and it will store that device ID in a cookie. Beacon will send that device ID with every new conversation (chat or email) that the customer starts. On subsequent visits, Beacon will retrieve all conversations started using that device ID.

If you absolutely need the Secure Mode, you may want to choose to host externally. Beacon [and other similar SaaS products] need special server-side scripts for these types of features, and a third-party hosting provider would potentially allow you to setup your server for Beacon.

As Webflow Ecommerce gains popularity, more integrations that require server side configuration may become common. They each require slightly different setup procedures and permissions, but I truly hope we can find a way to allow this type of server access in the future (while maintaining security and privacy standards). This could be an awesome feature to have in Webflow, and it’s definitely something you could post in our Webflow Wishlist.

While we aren’t traditionally able to help with custom code integrations, I thought I would chime in here outside of my office hours since I was fortunate enough to work with the engineers when we switched to Beacon 2.0!

Please let me know if you have other questions – I’m always happy to help!

– Andrew