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Help! Tags for google analytics


I don't know wich codes I have to copy/paste in for google analytics in the setting page.
Can anyone help me?

Kind regards,


You need to follow these instructions, did you try ? (that's for the second field, in the first, it's just your analytics ID)


@vincent, thanks! And in Dutch! I was there in English, didn't get it. I'll try this evening!


Oh that's not me, that's Google doing good.. it serves me the page in French (:


Hey @vincent, I've put a lightbox in, it's the little clown foto. Is that allright with you?

I'am glad I don't have to read French. My kids are learning it at school now (I also did but was no success smile ), it's "tres difficile".


Sorry, the lightbox is on the Home page, in portfolio-section @vincent


Hi there, had a busy morning, I'm starving now, I'll have look at that 1st thing after lunch!


Hi @vincent, the analytic tag is in, it's working, thanks again!


Cool. Now you can see me on Analytics map! I'm the one from France, on the west by the ocean (:

Google proposed me to translate the site in French, turns out it makes your bio kind of hilarious (:


I 'am kind of hilarious too smile