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Help to align flex items


Hi All

Attach A screenshot that shows the divs aren’t aligning vertically, I want The pair of top boxes will be just above the pair of boxes below. Any idea?



It’s the container children settings. eg expand if needed or the basis / width.


Hi @shokoaviv

Welcome the Webflow community! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can share your read only link, it’s so much easier to help as we can use your project to demonstrate with screenshots and/or video.


This is the link



Get rid of that container as they have too much pre-configuration for flex (I think). Use divs for flex parents. Once I did that your existing children worked fine.


You right. Div is your best flex friend… :grinning::+1:


Sorry, I started a video to demonstrate but got called away. Did you sort this @shokoaviv?

Exactly that @HammerOz, wrapping in a plain div does the trick.