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Help with an interaction in slider component


Hello. I am having difficulty getting some text to animate in in the slider component. My link is below
And the text is in slide 3

I am trying to stagger the logo, second line of text, and the text at bottom. I want the logo to come in, then the second line of text, and then the lower line. I have tried creating interactions and putting a "wait" on each of these but they all come in once.

Is this because they are in the slider? Do I need to eliminate the slider and just create interactions for each od the elements?

Thanks in advance


Hi @remix I was looking at your site and noticed that you're using a slider element but you're using "Load" interactions in your slider element rather than a slide in/slide out interaction.

Try using a "Slide" interaction trigger instead:


Is that what is preventing me from staggering the text on slide 3?

And thank you for responding!


That did it!! Now it works.

Thank you again!


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