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Help with Google Tag Manager


I've searched the forums for information, but the majority of the forum posts on the topic have either not been answered at all or what workaround (placing the per-page code in an embed code container just below the body and removing the "script" tag) I have found is not working and results in a " No HTTP response detected" error from Google.
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Any help is greatly appreciated!



Hey Beth,

I ran into a similar issue while setting up the same for my website. I copied the analytics code as the last piece of code after all other scripts in the head area and that seemed to fix. I dont know why but just try it might work for you.

If you do this, do not enter the Universal Analytics code in the SEO section of your site's settings since this always adds it at the top.


You should be able to integrate the Google Tag Manager script by simply pasting it in head section of your custom code in the main site settings?


I moved the code down to the bottom as you suggested and the second code snippet that is supposed to be inserted just after the is embedded just below the body, but it's still not working.
The error has changed from "No HTTP response detected" to "GTM no-script code not found: either missing or not in "


There are two scripts for Google Tag Manager - One that goes in the head and one that is supposed to be placed just after the tag.


hey Beth,

Did you follow this guide from google?

I have inspected your code and found no references to google tag manager.


Yes, I downloaded the guide (and tried everything I could to get it to work) - You found no references to Google Tag Manager on our site because I deleted all of it out - no need for it if it will not work correctly in Webflow.


Hey guys, I wrote up a post on this that can help you get set up: