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Help with in-page-linking. After clicking on image redirect to [TAB] and activate it


Hey guyz, im trying to make some redirections in my web but dunno how to. I hope, you could help me to solve this.
Here is image of my page with description of problem. Hope you get it.



This feature isn't built in Webflow. As far as I know there is still no option to link to a particular Tab, or Slide within a slider.


Hi @Michal, as @vincent pointed out, this is not a native feature, but you can drag your image inside of a Link Block, then use a little custom code to link to a specific tab on the same page or different page. Here is the forum article:

I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave smile


Hey guzy,

Thanks for help. Will try @cyberdave's solution and I hope, it will work. I will give you Feedback later.


@michal, if you get stuck, let me know, I am here to help. Dave smile


I totally forgot that was working... can be super handy.

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