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Help with Navbar on Scroll Interaction


I followed the video. Navbar disappeared but I can not get it back when I scroll down the page. Here are the "into view" and "out of view" setting screenshots. any suggestions for me.



Can you please provide your share link so we can get a closer look

Also, make sure you have applied the interaction to the main home/hero section, and told the interaction to "affect different element: navbar"


here is the design link.

I just moved the navbar in home section (called "main section" in my screen), before it was above it.
I didn't see "affect different element" under interaction. below is a screenshot.

btw, my home section is not showing in preview. this made it hard to test the navbar interaction. that's why I had navbar above home section


Hi @reejiang, the design link you shared, is your private link that only you can access. Could you share the read-only link to the design view:

Cheers smile



Hi @reejiang, thanks for the read-only link, can you check that again? The last one posted does not appear to ve actve at the moment.



How about this time?
I tested on my computer also.



Hi @reejiang, thanks for your patience. I made a little video, to give you some suggestions, how to create that nav bar appear on scroll interaction smile

Let me know if that helps smile



Thanks a lot, Dave.

It worked!!! smiley

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