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Help with responsive height

This is actually what I based my form from. However it doesn’t address the issue I am having because all slides are the same size in that example.

I am willing to change whatever to make it work!

Well bud, honestly I would recommend using Jotform for this type of paginated step questionnaire form. WF is not built or equipped to handle what you’re trying to accomplish. Besides, after many submissions, you’re going to need:

  1. Reports
  2. Charted data
  3. Client information
  4. Auto responders
  5. Demographic detail

These are just some very important details that forms should present. Forms are really an extension of a company’s marketing strategy. They supply a firm connection between the business and it’s current and potential customer base.

I would take this step form to another level, by implementing a full service. When I take on, or am a part of start-ups, business development, whatever it may be; the first thing I insert is SCALABILITY!

Honestly, that’s the true purpose of Technology. To help a business operate more efficiently with greater volumn. From months of research, I’ve found Jotform to be the best solution for both. They have all the tools to make this process smooth.

The Clincher:
Jotform is one of few services that allow for a multi-column form setup. They have the largest functionality that considers true development. Actually, if you don’t understand css, then they are extremely complicated to understand. It’s built on the truest web technology (of all competitors). They understand how web works and try hard to follow these principles.

I would build this form in Jotform and simply embed in Webflow! Trust me, it will be very smooth. And you’ll never have to touch the form in WF Designer, just login to Jotform, adjust a field, re-publish and done. It’s a nice platform, with tons of integrations.

If you need help, I’ll be more than happy to build it out for you, then insert into your Webflow project. And it’s only 19/month for fully white label form pages, with customized headers and after submission redirect pages, on your own domain.

If you want to see some of my form examples, I’ll be glad to send you links.

Hope this helps.

*And no I don’t work for them :blush:

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