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Here is how to animate a dropdown menu with IX2

Is there a reason the “Close Delay” isn’t inherited from the Dropown class?

It’s a bit of PITA to set the close delay on every single page. Thought I was going crazy when the “Dropdown close” animation wasn’t triggering on most pages.

Then I checked and all other dropdowns were stuck at 0ms close delay, even though they had the same class as the original Dropdown with a 500ms close delay.

Hey @magicmark,

thank you for the good tutorial - i also viewed every other tutorial for the topic “Dropdown-Easing on Webflow” - but i can’t get it work… i don’t know whats wrong here - would be nice if you can look over if you have the time:

Read only link:

The Dropdown is located on the landing page: Testing

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Wolfi_del_Toro

I’ve taken a brief look at this, how are you wanting the dropdowns to appear on the site? Is it the ones in the navbar you need to animate, hence the 100vw width?

Do you need each dropdown to be the full width, no matter where they are positioned on the screen?

Hey @magicmark,

funny story: In the evening after 10 hours of designing and 3 hours of trying i didn’t get it done, then i went to bed. On the next day i stood up, turned my laptop on, tried it again for about 5 Minutes - and then: Heureka - it worked.

Thanks for your help.