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Hidden div will not work


Hello, I have been trying to copy a hidden div on a lightbox thumbnail link, but I can’t work out what I have done wrong. It seems to work when I preview in the interactions section, but when I preview the page, it will not work at all. It is on one test gallery I have put on the Gallery page.

I was trying to copy this demo, but I just can’t see what I’ve left out:

Thanks in advance.


It works for me. it’s supposed to trigger the slideshow right?


Ah, thanks for looking, but no, it isn’t the slideshow, it’s a hidden div over a lightbox on the gallery page.

On hover, a black semi-transparent div should appear with the gallery title on it.



I would be very grateful for advice anyone can offer on this. Unfortunately I have not been able to resolve the problem, despite trying 3 different tutorials. Thanks very much.


Hi @Dawn

I did a small video for you wit the fix.

Webflow hidden div.gif

Let me know if that helps.


Hi @aaronocampo
Ah, thank you so much for doing that - that’s very much appreciated! I’ve been staring at it for so long, I couldn’t see what I’d done wrong!

All is good now.

Thank you. :smile:


I’m glad I could help!


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