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I'm creating a sales page with a video and I want to hide the buy button on page load, then show it after a few minutes once the video reaches a certain point. Is that possible?

I've looked in the interactions section and I can't figure it out.


@ablife Hello! Yes :slight_smile:
You would set the initial appearance of the of the button to Display None or 0% Opacity.
Then your Trigger would be "Load" and you have to fill out the time/delay field, it's the bottom option. Then you would add 4000ms for 4 seconds... or whatever you want to delay it by. I'm not sure what the max amount of time you can add is.

Does that answer your question?
If not, send me a preview link and I'll make a quick video for you.


Thanks for your help Scott :slight_smile:

I'm afraid it didn't no.

Here's the link:

I'd like to hide the enitre container that holds the button and link block though, not reduce the opacity. Otherwise it will just show a white space where the button will be which looks strange on a fully designed page.

Right now you'll see I've chosen to hide the button, which isn't working.

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