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Hiding / Showing Responsive Content


I haven't really tried this myself yet, but I've watch all your tutorials and I didn't see anything about hiding / showing content.

Is this possible yet?

For example, Drop down menus and hiding content that is unnecessary on Mobile and Tablet.


Well found the hide an show content. But how about Drop down menus. I think adding the hide / show options in your tutorials would be very helpful to some.


Hi @Kyle_Oswalt. I'm glad you found the show and hide buttons in the settings. We'll be making more videos explaining some more stuff. Thanks!


How do you hide or show content based on an event, i.e. mouse hover or when landing on a page section?


Mind sharing? I would like to know how to show a menu when pressing a nav bar button, for example.

Like this:


To make things invisible/visible for different devices you have to go to select an element and go to settings:

At the bottom you'll see "Visibility on":

To make something invisible or visible on hover, you'll have to select "hover" and and make the opacity 0.

As for drop downs: we will be including a navigation bar with drop downs in the future! Hold tight!


Could you also make a container appear whenever you land on a section? (After you scroll into a section)


Additionally, adding a transition, i.e. all 500ms ease-in/ease-out will add a graceful effect when showing/hiding after selecting "hover" and changing opacity to 1 or 0. Just apply the transition rule to the non-hovered state.


@Thomas that's a popular thing these days. We don't support that right now but I think it would be a cool thing we will add later!


I like the sound of that, thanks for your efforts. I'm loving Webflow