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Hierarchical URL Structure


Hi everyone, how can I create this url structure: .../ui-patterns/product-slider/research?

All of these should be pages and have no folders in between. In other words you should be able to navigate to /ui-patterns/ and /ui-patterns/product-slider and /ui-patterns/product-slider/research. They are all different pages related to each other in a hierarchy.

Currently, if I want to create a research page for the Product Slider, I nest it like this... get this: /ui-patterns/research/product-slider

But this makes the URL structure too complicated and not completely accurate based on the way you navigate.

Any ideas on this?

Here's the link:

URLs in a Hierarchical Site Structure with Top Level Page

It looks as if Webflow does not allow you to use the symbol / if you are not using it as a folder. The only solution I was able to come up with is to use - rather than /.

Such as this: ui-patterns-product-slider-research

Hope this helps.


Hmmm... does the "-" separate the pages? It's not clear whether this is what the URL will look like or whether this is a way to set it up. Would this result in /ui-patterns/product-slider/research?

Is there anyone else with another solution?



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