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Hints for Flexbox Game - Level 26


Hey! I’m new to Flexbox and have just discovered the Flexbox game (
It was really fun (and easy) until Level 26, but now I’m stuck. The hint says “Hint: the Align setting on individual flex children will help you.”, but Align on an individual item only works if “Wrap Children” is off, meaning it’s impossible to place them in different lines. What am I missing? Any hints on how to solve it? Will be very thankful!


Hint 1

You’ll need to change flex styles for the container, green circle, purple circle. You do not need to touch orange circle.

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Hint 2

You’ll need to change a total of three flex-styles for the container (click three different buttons/settings).

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Hint 3

You’ll need to set green circle flex-basis to 100%

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Hint 4

You’ll need to override purple’s alignment.

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Hint 5

You’ll need to Wrap Children and Reverse Wrap on the container.

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Hint 6

You’ll need to Justify End on the container.

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Wow, thank you so much! It worked, although I didn’t quite understand why. Seems like I’d been doing pretty much the same thing before, but could never get that purple circle to move in its place.
I‘ll keep playing around with it until I get it!


Can anyone please hold my hand and tell me where I did wrong, please?


Yeah, it was pretty much the same thing before.


because u should use justifyof wrap like stretch
Actually, I don’t know why someone thinks that in a game with flexbox they should put a game of margins paddings and etc… it’s stupid, I just thought about 3days how to do that crazy lvl 26 with using the only flexbox but already know how to do it without it…