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Horizontal and vertical align placeholder text


Hi guys,

I could use help :slight_smile: On my homepage I have a license plate with a form input. The placeholder of this input field is way lower than the bigger license plate number that can be entered. I would like to center the placeholder text vertical and horizontal.

I was searching for a solution on the forms, but the only thing I could find was line-height and font-size. The problem I’m having is, I guess, that the placeholder has a smaller font. I also tried some custom code without any luck.

Here’s my preview link:

Could anyone please help me out? Thanks! Kind regards, Alexander


Hey @skiczua

You can style the placeholder by using the “state” drop-down. Here is a screen shot.
Also, i was able to center it by removing your styles on the form and re designing it.
If you would like, i could do a screen-record on how to do it. Just comment if you wold like me to do that.



That would be great Julian! Thanks in advance!


No problem, i will put a little video together today.