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Horizontal Scroll Bar A scroll bar appears for no reason


Hey guys.
Im developing this Website for a client,
and for some reason i see a Horizontal Scroll Bar on the internet page (just when i watch that on a browser, cant see the problem on “Preview mood”.
now… i can fix that but the thing is that when im fixing that the links for section doesn’t work anymore.
someone know how can i fix that without hurting anything else?

Many thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: [][1]


Just add this code before “/body” tag

overflow-y:hidden; /*for vertical*/ 
overflow-x:hidden; /*for horizontal*/ 
<body style='overflow-x:hidden;'>


Genius! Thank you so much!


In response to your comment: you need to add only (if you want to remove the horizontal scrollbar) <body style='overflow-x:hidden;'>

And apparently you’ve already dealt with it.