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Horizontal Scroll to Anchor

I’m trying to make a gallery page that is:

  1. Is populated with CMS content
  2. Has each of the 41 items take up a full viewer height and width
  3. A horizontal scrolling display
  4. Scrolls horizontal with vertical scroll action
  5. Has anchor links that take you to each image.

I managed to do all this (except 5) entirely in Webflow. I made the horizontal movement of the content a scrolling page trigger and made a hidden div block that’s 4100vh and contains 41 div blocks that are 100vh and have numbered ids that can be anchor linked to. This almost worked but when I link to one it ends up overscrolling in the animation by a small amount. Example:

I get that this is perhaps a hamfisted way to do all this. But still would like to figure out what I’m missing to make it work properly.

Read only link:

Hi I’m trying to do the same and wondered if you had any success?